Windshield Repair


The Glass Shop is one of the most established windshield repair and replacement companies offering the best windshield repair in El Paso TX with a bespoke touch and free mobile service.

With over 16 years of experience in the auto glass industry, we perform windshield repair services on any type of vehicle (truck, car, bus, van etc.), make or model. And in the event we can’t repair the windshield because of the extent of the damage, we rely on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality glass to replace it.

From same day scheduling, free mobile service, or filing insurance claims on your behalf, we are the most trusted choice for windshield repair in El Paso.

Glass Repair or Replacement in El Paso

At The Glass Shop, we are knowledgeable and always assess and try to repair any damaged windscreen first before replacing it with a new one. Sometimes though, the size, type and position of the crack may rule out repair as an option and as such, we instead do a windscreen replacement.

Our specialist technicians repair damaged auto glass fast and efficiently hence saving you both time and money. Whether auto, residential, commercial, or tinting glass services to the area of El Paso, as professionals we get things done right the first time.

Our Quality & Guarantee

The Glass Shop guarantees its car glasswork (both the parts used and installation and repair workmanship) for as long as a customer owns the vehicle. As an independent company dealing with auto glass products and services, we only provide our clients with the highest quality auto glass solutions.

Because we use a similar glass as that installed in your car when it was originally built, we are certainly the safest option for your windshield replacement in El Paso. Thanks to our free mobile service, our well-trained and qualified technicians will travel to wherever you are–home, office or anywhere within the region at no extra charge.

Does your windshield have a chip or crack? Fix it now before it’s too late. This can save you the cost and hassle of replacing the entire windshield. Book an appointment today by simply calling or texting us at 915-440-1000 to enjoy quick and professional service for all your auto glass needs in El Paso TX.

All our auto glass installations carry a lifetime warranty on workmanship. Moreover, our affordable rates have no hidden fees or add-ons. And when you add it all together: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass, free mobile service, reasonable rates and a lifetime warranty on workmanship, The Glass Shop is definitely the right choice for all your windshield repair in El Paso.