Window Tinting


Think your windows are just glass? The Glass Shop is about to change how you view things. We truly provide endless possibilities when it comes to doors & windows in El Paso TX. There are so many ways our custom glass solutions can enhance your home and business premise; from light control, safety enhancements to decorative updates.

With our expertise, we can improve the look, function and feel of just about any glass type, design or size. This includes exterior doors, windows, glass tabletops, cabinet doors as well as shower doors. Interested in window tint for your car, home or business? Well, go no further than The Glass Shop. We are the #1 car and home window tinting El Paso TX for nearly two decades.

We deliver computer cut window tinting in El Paso Texas for accurate, picture perfect tint fixing every time. Boasting 100% accurate tinting services, our “micro-edge” film cutting technology makes tint fitting quick, seamless and ready for application.

Once we select your car, home or office in our advanced software system—it becomes easy as we simply point, click and go! With our comprehensive library of some of the coolest custom window tint designs around, our customers have the chance to add their own custom window tints cut to design.

Array Of Shades To Fit Your Style

Window tinting shades are usually measured by VLT (visible light transmission), which is basically the percentage of light that goes through your windows. The Glass Shop provides the best El Paso window tinting installation and coverage and backs it up with a tint warranty.

We are confident in our in auto, commercial and residential windows and can guarantee 100% satisfaction. This is one reason why each of our window tinting packages includes a warranty.

As a premier glass company in El Paso TX, we strictly adhere to a national standard of window tint excellence, and we only work with the most professional and experienced tinting installers.

All of our window tinting technicians have many years of experience installing window tints in El Paso TX and so you can trust us for specialist window tinting done right the first time.

Privacy Window Tints & More

The Glass Shop window tinting uses cutting-edge film products that are innovative and money-smart alternatives to the ordinary window coverings. For instance, unlike drapes, shades and sheers, home window tints don’t hide window frames or block natural sunlight. Instead, our tinting solutions allow the delightful sunlight in while easily keeping snooping eyes out. We supply these in a broad collection of quality designer styles including those that mimic luxurious specialty glass.

We are available online, over the phone or in person for window tinting in El Paso TX that perfectly complements your car, home, and office.

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