Window Repair


The Glass Shop is a local full-service window repair and installation company, focusing on bringing class with glass to the El Paso community. We combine our professional window repair services in El Paso with top-notch customer service throughout the Sun City.

Windows are a key element to your home’s decor, but they offer more in functionality. Windows affect ventilation, temperature, and light, and any crack or other deformity can have a negative domino effect in the home. At The Glass Shop, we take extreme pride in our El Paso glass repairs and aim to keep our community homes in good order.

To start, we’ll send our team to your home to check out what needs to be done and develop an efficient plan that works for your budget and schedule. Once we determine what window repairs you need, we’ll come up with a list of viable options and high quality solutions.

Glass Repair El Paso TX

We’ve all been in your shoes and understand how inconvenient a damaged window can be for you. There are many different window styles and they come in several shapes and sizes. From sliding to casement and double hung windows, we offer a variety of window repair services:

Broken Glass Replacement: Our experts can replace broken glass using an exact glass match, or we can give you the option to upgrade your glass type. Either option ensures that the repair won’t look out of place; no one would be able to tell the difference.

Sliding Door Glass Repair: If you have a glass sliding door that needs repair, we can take care of this matter quickly. A crack in this door can build condensation over time, and whether you realize it, these large sliding doors help regulate the temperature in your home.

Window Lock Repair: Sometimes all a window needs is a little repair to keep your home safe and secure. We quickly repair window to make you feel safe.

Leaky Window Repair: Leaky windows can be the result of bad weather, and if left unattended, can cause mold and mildew to grow. Our leaky window repair ensures that you keep outside elements from affecting your home.

Best Windows Contractors In The Area

Each of our contractors is highly skilled to perform top-of-the-line repairs and installations, no matter how complex, each time. Our repairs come with warranties to keep you protected and secure long after the job is complete.

Our repair services for residential windows in El Paso extend beyond simply completing a job — each job is carefully attended to, because we strive for your hapiness. The Glass Shop is widely regarded and trusted for both our window repair services and customer service principles. But we’d rather let you see for yourself. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to come have a look at your windows.